About Us

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Offshore Weather Services commenced services in 2002 to provide weather forecasting and consultancy services to the offshore and marine industry sectors in Australasia and South East Asia. Since then, OWS has provided services to many other sectors including green energy projects and coastal and ocean engineering infrastructure developments.

OWS is also extending its reach beyond Australasia and South East Asia by providing services in Europe, Africa, India, South America and the United States in support of marine, seismic and drilling projects.

Along with a climate and oceanographic studies and support centre in Singapore, Offshore Weather Services aims to maintain the highest standards for all weather and oceanographic support for coastal and offshore projects. For more information, please feel free to download our Marine Industry brochure below.

In a world where energy industries are under increased scrutiny and more pressure to adapt to a changing climate and changing energy needs, OWS offers a wide range of forecast and hindcast services to meet the challenges of that industry. For more information on this, view or download our Energy Industry brochure below.

Offshore Weather Services continues to employ the highest quality professionals with extensive experience in marine weather forecasting and oceanography to ensure quality of service to all clients.

OWS Brochure