OWS Continues to Improve Wave Modelling Skills

Offshore Weather Services continues to enhance its wave modelling skills in line with the company’s objective to provide clients with accurate wind and wave forecasts.  OWS Numerical Modelling Specialist Dr. Simon Caine and Marine Forecaster Alistair McKelvie recently attended the ‘Wave Modelling Workshop with WAVEWATCH III’ at the <a title="COEST" href="http://www.swinburne.edu click to read more.au/science-engineering-technology/oceanography/”>Centre for Ocean Engineering, Science and Technology (COEST) Swinburne University on 17-21 November 2014.

The 5-day wave modelling workshop was a collaboration between COEST of Swinburne University and NCEP/NOAA.  It was run by Prof. Alex Babanin and Dr. Stefan Zieger from Swinburne University, and Dr. Andre van der Westhuysen from the WWIII development group at NOAA.  The workshop discussed the theoretical and practical introduction to the model and included information on recent development.

Knowledge and skills learned from the workshop are taken on board by Simon and are currently being integrated in the OWS wave models, while Alistair is working on the new wave system tracking feature.


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