Offshore Meteorologists
OWS has the most widely experienced team of Offshore Meteorologists in the Asian and Australasian region, having been involved in numerous projects in the region during the last 30 years. Our team has been on site and intricately involved in decisions determining timing and safety of jacket launches, topside lifts and float overs, wet and dry tow rig moves and general drilling and production projects. OWS also provides meteorologists for long term weather and squall monitoring stations located on production facilities, with all offshore meteorologists experienced in operating Doppler Weather Radar for the purposes of severe weather monitoring.

Experienced Marine Meteorologists
Offshore Weather Services has maintained a consistent level of experienced marine meteorologists since it's inception in 2002. With continued recruitment of experienced meteorologists, IT support and and new graduates, Offshore Weather Services is servicing and exceeding the needs of client offshore forecast projects, now and into the future.

Offshore Weather Services now has over 120 years of meteorological experience between its staff and the most experienced offshore forecasters of any private or public meteorological service provider in the Australasian and Asian region.

Atmospheric Modeling

Global Atmospheric Models

Offshore Weather Services has access to all of the world's major global atmospheric models, some providing guidance up to 4 times per day, which are assimilated and assessed by our forecasters and form the basis of our forecast products and services. The atmospheric model winds are also used to provide input wind energy into our in house global wave modeling.

High resolution Atmospheric Modeling

Offshore Weather Services is able run nested mesoscale atmospheric models over specific regions to enhance weather forecasting services for clients.

For example, Offshore Weather Services, with long experience of weather prediction in the Gulf of Thailand, know how variable the wind can be in the region. A mesoscale atmospheric model, with spatial resolution of 12 km, is currently assisting in the prediction of the winds and waves affecting clients in that region.

Importantly, the mesoscale model is being used to assist in the prediction of squalls, the single most dangerous and severe weather event to affect clients in the Gulf of Thailand apart from Tropical Cyclones. The model assists OWS weather forecasters determine the severity, timing and the spatial movement of the squalls as they develop and move across the Gulf of Thailand for up to 36 hours ahead.

Offshore Weather Services also intends to set up and run this model in additional areas to improve forecast capabilities and respond to specific client needs for critical operations.

Wave Modeling

Global Wave Modeling

Offshore Weather Services utilises an in house WAVEWATCH III model configuration as its main generator of ocean wave predictions. Rather than just using one source of model atmospheric wind field inputs for wave generation, OWS uses up to 6 atmospheric model wind fields for client location prediction analysis. This provides OWS, and more importantly provides clients, with increased forecast confidence.

WAVEWATCH III is a third generation wave model developed at NOAA/NCEP. It is a further development of the model WAVEWATCH I, as developed at Delft University of Technology and WAVEWATCH II, developed at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

High resolution Wave Modeling

Not only does OWS provide modeling on a global scale, but higher resolution regional (<1.0 degree) and even higher resolution nested (<0.5 degree) models are run up to 4 times daily to provide more precise forecasts for near coastal and large production field operations.

Aerospace & Marine International

With the high cost of operating a ship, even a small increase in voyage sailing time will adversely effect profits. Furthermore, time at sea sailing less favorable conditions increases your exposure to environmental and other risks.

However, good planning and a continued awareness of en route developments can better prepare you for handling difficult operational situations.

Aerospace & Marine International can help you meet your schedules and reduce the chances of weather damage by directly assisting your ship Masters in their selection of the most favorable and economical routes through considering the weather, currents, cargo, and time constraints.

Offshore Weather Services has been associated with Aerospace & Marine International since 2003 and together have provided Optimum Voyage Routing, Performance Monitoring and Voyage reconstruction services to many operators in the Australasian region.

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