Offshore Weather Services would like to congratulate the Shanghai Salvage Company on the successful lifting of the ferry Sewol from the seabed off southwestern South Korea on March 23, 2017. The ferry capsized on 16 April 2014 en route from Incheon to Jeju in South Korea while carrying 476 passengers.

In a very complex and lengthy salvage operation made more difficult by the cold waters, strong ocean currents and adverse weather conditions the vessel was finally brought to the ocean’s surface suspended between two large barges supported by wires running through 66 hydraulic jacks. It was imperative that the Sewol be brought to the surface without further damage and this was successfully achieved.

The stricken vessel will now be transported to Mokpo in South Korea where a search will be made for missing bodies and the cause of this tragic accident.

Offshore Weather Services are proud to have provided the weather forecast service to Shanghai Salvage for the entire salvage operation.

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