Tropical Low over Bonaparte Gulf intensifying to Cat1 Tropical Cyclone off Broome on Friday

Tropical Low OWS06S18 has developed SE the Bonaparte Gulf and is expected to track southwest and slowly intensify as it remains over land in the northern Kimberley. TL OWS06S18 is expected to move offshore just north of Broome on the 16th and intensify more rapidly becoming a Category 1 Tropical Cyclone in the evening.

Available numerical models are in a spread from the 17th but the consensus indicates the system will become slow moving as it gradually intensifies on the 17th-18th.  It is expected to track SSE-SSW and should make its landfall near Port Hedland on the 19th.

Forecast track of Tropical Low OWS06S18 issued 0600UTC Feb 14 2018

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